“It was at the end of the fouth act during the debut of Stravinskij’s ballet, Agon, in Rome at the Teatro Eliseo, with the last notes of the mandolin lingering in the air that suddenly a voice was heard shouting, “Bravo Mandolino!”. It was Stravinskij himself who, visibly moved, came over to embrace and congratulate me”. With these words Giuseppe Anedda, the Paganini of the mandolin, recalled one of the most emotional and satisfying moments of his remarkable lifelong career that began just after World War I in one of the more humble quarters of Cagliari, Sardinia where he was born March 1st, 1912.



25/06/2017 Sala Locatelli, Bergamo.

h.21.00. Special Guest Michele Mucci


24/06/2017 Chiostro di Voltorre, Gavirate (VA).

h.21.00. Special Guest Michele Mucci


07/05/2017 Concert for the Chamber Music Festival in Bassano in Teverina (ITALY)


06/05/2017 Concert for the International Guitar Festival “Solo per Chitarra” in Genzano di Roma (ITALY)

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