The “Giuseppe Anedda” Plucked String Quintet was created to pay homage to this great though recently deceased artist who dedicated an entire life to the diffusion and revaluation of the mandolin.

Famous virtuoso Anedda made this instrument take its rightly place in the most prestigious concert halls, freeing it from the commonplace opinion of “minor” instrument or that of  eternally bound to folklore and popular music. His research in many European museums and libraries for original manuscripts for mandolin by many composers including Vivaldi, Pergolesi and Beethoven played a fundamental role in liberating the instrument from its stereotyped mold.

Thanks to his dedication the mandolin is once again studied in Italian Conservatories (such as Padua, Aquila, Naples, Bari) and can still hope in a future that not only guarantees to maintain its heritage but will work towards a regeneration of new repertories.

The musicians forming the “Giuseppe Anedda” Quintet come from this school: some have studied under the guide of the famous international soloist, Dorina Frati, and are now themselves affirmed concert hall musicians who regularly collaborate with prestigious institutes such as the Scala in Milan and the San Carlo Teatre in Naples.  From the very beginning the formation has worked to fulfill Anedda’s dream in preserving one of the most antique cultural patrimonies (as well as typical of Italian tradition) along with promoting the composition of new works for classical mandolin.

They carry on intense collaborations with important and established composers, such as Maestro Carlo Crivelli, as well as with many other young promising Italian talent.

The “Giuseppe Anedda” Quintet has performed in all of Italy during the important classical concert seasons (The Plucked Intsruments Festival in Rome, Amici della Musica in Cagliari, the Messina Philharmonic Academy, the Marrucino Theatre in Chieti) gaining the approval of public and critics just as they did in their Italian and international radio and television performances.

The group has recently played in the Paolina Chapel of the Quirinal with their performance being broadcast live on Radio Rai 3. This concert is often replayed on the Philodiffusion Rai radio station.

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