E.Morricone: Soundtracks Medley


G.Rossini: Ouverture from “The Barber of Seville”

Live performing from Rossini's "Barbiere di Siviglia", ouverture.

We played for the first time at 8th Festival International de Mandoline de Castellar in France, 23rd of July 2016. Enjoy!

V.Monti: Czardas

Throughout Valdimiro and Emanuele's childhood there was one song they kept asking their grandfather to play for them. That piece was the Czardas by V.Monti and their grandfather always pleased them and played that piece with his mandolin, his big hands and his outstanding mastery. The Czardas has so profoundly ifluenced our quintet that we still perform it in every show, not only because is an arrangement by Giuseppe Anedda but also because it embodies our spirit, the joy and the pleasure of playing together.

A.Piazzolla: Escualo

Astor Piazzolla was an absolute music mastermind. His music literally bewitched us. Our repertoire comprehends at least ten of his works, one more beautiful than the other. Escualo certainly is one of our favourites. In this arrangement Norberto shows all his class and his innate talent. This version is included into our dvd Live in Rome.

Live Show “Domenica In” for National Italian TV

In 2007 we were invited by maestro Pippo Caruso to the tv show Domenica In, for the Italian broadcast, part of which was meant to get the audience to approach a different musical instrument every week.On that occasion we performed songs suggested us by the same maestro Caruso: Carosello's theme song, which actually is a nineteenth century Tarantella entitled "Pagliaccio", Rossini's Danza and a ragtime chosen by us extracted from Russian Rag by George L. Cobb

A.Piazzolla: Zita

In this video we perform for the very first time Zita by Astor Piazzolla in Funchal, Madeira.

This is likely not our best live performance of this piece, but that concert was very special to us for so many different reasons that we wanted to celebrate such a defining moment of our history.

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